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30 AIRPLANE LANDINGS in 10 MINUTES – Airbus A380, Boeing 707 – DUS Aviation Review of 2019 (4K)

30 Landings and Departures in just 10 minutes. Those are my favorite clip of year 2019 which were filmed at my “homeport” Düsseldorf (DUS). It was an interesting year with a few highlights. The biggest highlight was the KC-135 which suddenly descended and requested a touch and go at Düsseldorf Airport. It was an unusual sight. I haven` t seen a single KC-135 at DUS within the past 20 years.

Of course I also spent lots of time filming the Airbus A380 this year mainly because it` s the biggest airplane which lands at Düsseldorf on a regular basis. Sadly we don` t have any regular Boeing 747 flights which is caused by the short runway at DUS (2700m). In addition DUS isn` t interested in cargo flights and most 747 Freighter requests get rejected.

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